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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 – Saiyan Saga Episodes Hindi Dubbed Download HD

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Dragon Ball Z Kai 2009 All Episodes [ हिन्दी डब – English Dubbed] Anime Series .

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 – Saiyan Saga Episodes Hindi Dubbed Download HD

Series Info

Name: Dragon Ball Z Kai / Dragon Ball Kai, (ドラゴンボール改Doragon Bōru Kai))

Release Year: 2009 (2023 in India on CN)

Episodes: 167

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Super Power, Shounen

Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Language: English DD5.1 – Japanese 2.0 – Tamil – Telugu – Hindi DD2.0 [Org. TV-DL Audio]

Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p

Subtitle: English [Softcoded]

Encoder: Toon World


Dragon Ball Z Kai in Hindi Multi Audio - ToonsWorldIndia

Five years after the events of Dragon Ball, martial arts expert Gokuu is now a grown man married to his wife Chi-Chi, with a four-year old son named Gohan. While attending a reunion on Turtle Island with his old friends Master Roshi, Krillin, Bulma and others, the festivities are interrupted when a humanoid alien named Raditz not only reveals the truth behind Gokuu’s past, but kidnaps Gohan as well.

With Raditz displaying power beyond anything Gokuu has seen before, he is forced to team up with his old nemesis, Piccolo, in order to rescue his son. But when Gokuu and Piccolo reveal the secret of the seven mystical wish-granting Dragon Balls to Raditz, he informs the duo that there is more of his race, the Saiyans, and they won’t pass up an opportunity to seize the power of the Dragon Balls for themselves.

These events begin the saga of Dragon Ball Kai, a story that finds Gokuu and his friends and family constantly defending the galaxy from increasingly more powerful threats. Bizarre, comical, heartwarming and threatening characters come together in a series of battles that push the powers and abilities of Gokuu and his friends beyond anything they have ever experienced.

Saiyan Saga (2009)

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Review of ‘Dragon Ball Z Kai (Season 1) 2009’ Anime Series :

DBZ Kai was something I had to watch and after hearing it was an edited version of the original DBZ I was like “Ok, let me see what it is” And I have to say I am glad for it. I can see all the major arcs in condensed form (159 episodes without all the filler episodes that brought the original Z to 291 episodes. While I enjoyed watching Z, the filler episodes and long drawn out fights really made me think of some of those as background noise

It basically has all the good parts, and I enjoy watching it because it’s like getting the best of the show. Some of the colors have been softened and I do believe the voice cast has changed partway but I haven’t noticed a huge difference so far (80 episodes in)

I hope you truly enjoy this version of DBZ as it is the best and most concise version of the series.

Dragon Ball Kai: Doragon bôru kai S01 Hindi Dual Audio [ हिन्दी 5.1 – English Subtitles ] Japanese Anime Series .

I’ve enjoyed Dragon Ball Z for over a decade, along with everything else Dragon Ball and this is no exception. Dragon Ball Z Kai is enjoyable, and even though I enjoy (and dislike) some of the filler in DBZ, Kai is in no way to be classed as terrible for taking most of it out – some minor bits have been left in.

The dialogue has improved, I like Frieza’s new voice actor and the original voice actors have improved slightly. Gohan’s new voice actress I was fine with it at first, but it did start to annoy at times, now after a while, I have sort of got used to it again.

When it comes to the music, I prefer the Japanese version of: “Dragon Soul”, “Yeah! Break! Care! Break!” and “Wings of the Heart” I really enjoy “Saiyan Blood” and “Only A Chilling Elegy.” I enjoy all of the music in Kai even if Kenji Yamamoto “borrowed” it, I also enjoy Shunsuke Kikuchi and Bruce Faulconer’s music so I don’t really have an argument over music.

DBZ is there when I want to hide away for days – DBZK is there when I want to watch it quicker. Then I also have the option of Dragon Ball and Team Four Star ;3 It’s Dragon Ball, I like it all, even GT.

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